About Us


John C.‭ ‬McArthur‭ & ‬Associates,‭ ‬Inc.‭ ‬was‭ ‬incorporated in‭ ‬1996‭ ‬by John McArthur,‭ ‬a former president and CEO of‭ ‬two‭ ‬major insurance‭ ‬groups and who has served on boards of all the industry‭’‬s major trade and technical associations.‭ ‬The firm‭ ‬provides specialized services in‭ ‬mergers and‭ ‬acquisitions and‭ ‬executive‭ ‬search‭ ‬to a‭ ‬nation-wide client base of property and‭  ‬casualty,‭ ‬life and employee benefits insurance brokerages and insurers.

During the last‭ ‬15‭ ‬years,‭ ‬through AMAC Consultants Inc.,‭ ‬an affiliated company,‭ ‬John C.‭ ‬McArthur‭ & ‬Associates has handled projects ranging from the acquisition or sale of some of the largest insurance brokerages in‭ ‬Canada to the recruitment of many‭ ‬presidents and CEOs/COOs for major insurers and insurance brokerages.

In addition to mergers,‭ ‬acquisitions and executive search,‭ ‬additional consulting services are provided for business evaluations,‭ ‬expert opinions,‭ ‬seminars and succession planning.

The firm‭’‬s current senior consultants‭ ‬have all been very active in industry affairs for many years‭ ‬and have a very wide and deep national network of property and casualty insurance industry contacts at all levels.